• Elegant Kandula Framed Oil Painting

Elegant Kandula Framed Oil Painting

$243.18 $272.37



Are you an animal lover? How about decorating your walls with animal paintings? Take a look at this adorable elephant oil painting. This painting reflects the uniqueness of stand apart for the herd. It will also show off your personality of not being a part of the crowd and being different. The lively and attractive colors used in this oil painting make it a must for your home. Kids are simply going to fall in love with this painting and would demand for it to be kept in their room. The frame of this painting is made from wood and the painting is done on good quality canvas, which will remain in prim condition for years to come. This beautiful large painting will bring depth and interest into any styled home. Maintaining this painting is very easy; clean it with a dry cloth at regular intervals to avoid dust formation

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