• Benzara 54300 Metal Stool 24"W, 18"H- Elegant Seating Addition To Anyplace

Elegant Metal Stool 24"W, 18"H By Benzara

$76.85 $86.08




  • Can be used anywhere
  • Free from aging effects
  • Best buy affordable furniture addition
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean


We use many items to make the specific spaces more usable and comfortable besides making them beautiful. If you are feeling shortage of seating capacity in any of your rooms but have limited space available, we have the multipurpose and affordable solution. The hot sensation in furniture category 54300 METAL STOOL is available at an introductory discount but for few days. do not let go this opportunity waste. This rectangular shaped stool is made of a well-designed iron alloy well-balanced structure of artistically bent iron rods. The wooden seat is puffed with quality filler. The thick cotton fabric covering makes it elegant seating addition to anyplace. •  • 

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