• Ella Elaine Fillable Glass Jar Lamps - Ast 3

Ella Elaine Fillable Glass Jar Lamps - Ast 3

$127.32 $142.60



No, these are not table lamps but jar lamps which are lookalike of actual table lamps. Made from the finest quality materials, these jars will stay in prim condition for a long time. Featuring three assorted jars with a lamp shade top these are pretty creations to own. Similar in looks and size, one jar features beige, another navy blue and the last one grey shade atop respectively. The lid is in chrome silver while the jar is translucent. Arrange all three on a side table or keep each jar separately. If you wish to use these jars to store things, you can keep it on the kitchen counter. These jars are certainly not worth overlooking if you want to bring home an interesting wall accent. Easy to clean and maintain too, out an end to your thoughts and bring home these jars.


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