• EN1995 Charming Ceramic Vase

EN1995 Charming Ceramic Vase

$31.88 $35.71



A smart way to make your favorite side table engaging is with this ceramic vase, very unique and different from the many you must have come across, this vase will have its presence felt the moment you position it. Made from good quality ceramic this vase will stay in good condition for years. This vase features circular cutouts in the upper portion and beautiful floral detailing in the bottom part. Creative in looks, it will raise brows and very soon become the talk of the town. You can keep this vase anywhere you wish to indoors as well as outdoors. Light in weight, you can keep changing its place according to your need and convenience. Wiping this vase with a dry cloth at frequent intervals will keep it away from dust formation. So, you bring it home or present it as gift, the choice is yours.


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