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  • Enthralling Designer Ceramic Vase

Enthralling Designer Ceramic Vase

$36.59 $41.01

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  • Product Measures: 15 x 7 x 9 inch
  • Well-built in ceramic
  • Dyed in rich olive green with chocolate

Dress up this eye-catchy vase standing in the entryway with tall flowers and leaves for a chic look. High on style, this vase is made of ceramic and features a ribbed texture. If a vase has always been your priority in home decors, you just cannot overlook this one. It is dyed partially in olive green and chocolate color. Inspired from the shape of a water jug, its good quality built makes it durable and long lasting. This vase can be used to either hold flowers or fill beads. You can also make use of it to decorate your garden and courtyard. During special occasions, this vase can be kept in the centre of the hallway. Guests will appreciate you for bringing home such an adorable vase which is rare to find. You are sure to undergo a questionnaire round for this vase. Light in weight, you can shift its location from time to time with the help of the side handle. So, grab it for your abode soon!


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