• Enthralling Wood Leather Wall Decor

Enthralling Wood Leather Wall Decor

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Do you love horses? If yes, you would love to bring this wall decor home. Made from the finest quality materials, this wall decor will stay in prim condition for ages. This decor features a wooden frame. On that frame are the stencils of eight horse figurines in metal. A star stencil and two cowboy shoes adorn the decor further. This is a unique wall accent which you would love to bring home to make a pale looking wall entertaining. Out it up in the living room, entryway or on the entrance door. Visitors will be delighted to see this stunning wall decor and will praise you for bringing it home.

Light in weight, it is easy to mount this horse themed wall decor. Apart from getting it home you can also recommend it to friends who love horse like you do. So, get it isoon if you find it worthy!

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