• Exclusive Ceramic Wood Fish Hanging

Exclusive Ceramic Wood Fish Hanging

$17.65 $19.77




Do the mysterious sea creatures charm you? Do you like decorating your house with fish figurine? If your answer is yes, then we have this unique decor for you. This unique fish wall decor is certainly made for your home. This fish figurine is made from ceramic and wood. The mouth and tail is made from ceramic and the body is made from wood. This fish decor looks unique and captivating. The instance you look at this fish you will get fascinated with it. The intricate work on their body helps them appear real. This fish decor will look great on any wall of your house.

Indoor as well as outdoor this fish figurine can be decorated anywhere. Adorn it on wall of the living room and even at outdoor sitting area. This fish wall decor is perfect for theme decoration. This fish wall decor will be great gift to your kids which they can adorn inside their room.


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