• Fashionable Metal Easel

Fashionable Metal Easel

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These Easels are perfect piece of accent decor when you have so much to display. These simple yet classy easel set is available in gold color. Best thing of this set is it includes three easels that look similar but differ in size. With this set you have different easel for separate decoration. These easels are made from quality metal which is colored in golden color which goes well with range of home interiors. These easels have three legs and the design is very simple. You get the liberty of place different size canvas, photographs or charger plates on each easel. These easels are easy to lift, clean and maintain. .

These easels can be used to display beautiful creation made by you. You can keep these easels on table top or mantel. These easels have a great life and won?t rust. If you want to display different decor?s then these easel are perfect as a stand. !

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