• Winsome Wood Finely Carved Traditional Nolan Wooden End Table

Winsome Wood Finely Carved Traditional Nolan Wooden End Table

$99.63 $182.69 ( 45% off )


  • This end table measures 20 inch (width) x20 inch (D) x21.97 inch (H)
  • Square shaped cappuccino colored table
  • Perfect for home and office use

This smart table can indeed change the ambience of your house. If you love collecting antiques then this table probably would be a great addition to your antique collection. This table has sturdy timber legs that are carved. There is a square part underneath the table which can be used to keep anything starting from books, magazines to newspapers. In this way this table can be well utilized at dwelling as well as office. You can also very easily move and clean this table from time to time with a wet or dry cloth.

Apart from litigating it interior your dwelling, you can furthermore use it in your garden outside. As the general finish of this table is very outstanding, passerby persons are absolutely going to appreciate your alternative of decor. It will indeed add a unique charm to the place it is kept in. so make sure to get one at the earliest for your house.

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