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  • Fluorite Metal Glass Sphere 4"W, 12"H

Fluorite Metal Glass Sphere 4"W, 12"H

$38.53 $44.89

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If you have always liked unique table decors then you ms check out this ceramic metal glass sphere pole. A very unique tabletop accent, this decor features colorful stoneware combined together in soothing sea green and violet colors. It is elevated upwards by a sleek stand in brass. The base is cube in glass and act as a good support. You can keep it on any end or corer table in our house, making It is tand on the floor too will be a fine option, you can more such similar sphere and arrange it in your patio. This is one such decor which will be noticed by all visiting your house.

They will exclaim wow and on the other hand praise your choice. As this decor is light in weight, you can very easily move it from one place to another. Also, regularly wiping it with a soft cloth will keep it away from dirt. So, make tabletops andecorners engaging by keeping this decor.

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