• Fresh Looking Stainless Steel Gear Wall Clock

Fresh Looking Stainless Steel Gear Wall Clock

$44.88 $50.27




The design of this wall clock is very modern, best for contemporary home. This wall clock is made simple to suit any home interior. The interesting thing about this wall clock is that its gear wall clock. Made from stainless steel the body of the clock is silver color and durable by nature. The dial is black color with white needles at the center. Below the needles there is a round hole from which the gear could be seen. This visible gear makes the clock look unique from rest of the clock. This wall clock is made from quality material hence it wills last for years to come. This black dial gear wall clock will suite drawing room as well as reception area at your office.

This wall clock is best for gifting purpose. Maintaing this clock is simple. This style is gear clock is exclusive and it must be part of your home soon.

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