• Functional Sea grass Metal Basket Set of 3

Functional Sea grass Metal Basket Set of 3

$60.53 $67.80




  • Choice of available sizes
  • Made from seagrass and iron
  • Natural brown finish
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Woven in a cross hatch pattern


Woven baskets offer the house a contemporary touch and can be put to use differently every time. This basket set includes three baskets, all look alike but differ in size. These baskets are made from seagrass. The interesting woven pattern using light and dark color of sea grass give is an awesome look. These baskets have a metal rim on the top for sturdiness. They are well crafted, firm and light weight. These baskets have enough room inside to keep your belongings. These baskets have a natural touch which offers the ambiance an earthy touch.

These baskets can hold reading material like books, novel or magazines. You can keep extra warm cloth like a shrug, shawl, blanket and quilts in the basket. Place it beside the sofa, bed or rocking chair. Easy to clean, easy to relocate and easy to use, this set of baskets are versatile by nature.

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