• Functional Wood Wine Rack

Functional Wood Wine Rack

$234.53 $262.68




Functional and simple looking, this wine rack is the best to showcase your wine collection. This stunning wine rack is crafted from quality wood. It has 30 sections or space to hold wine bottles in it. There are 7 diagonal shelves inside this rack which is further sectioned into 3 and 4 smaller sections. This rack can easily hold 30 wine bottles. As it is made from wood it is sturdy by nature and will last for years to come. Also it is easy to insert and remove bottles from this rack. The legs at the bottom are strong and well built, it also makes it easy to shift and relocate this rack accordingly.

This rack can be easily cleaned when dusty and it does not require much space. It can be part of your home bar, kitchen or living area. When having a party outdoors this rack would be great addition in that area.

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