• Glass Frosted Vase 3 Assorted 6"W, 8"H

Glass Frosted Vase 3 Assorted 6"W, 8"H

$51.94 $58.18




It is time to decorate your tabletops and others countertops with this assorted set of three vase. Made from high quality glass it will stay in prim condition for many years. These vases are uniquely shaped but look similar. In Light Blue, Gray and White colors it will leave a soothing impression wherever placed. If you have alwaysLove light colors, these vases will appeal to you. You can arrange all three together or keep each one of It is eparate, either ways it will make guests and others visiting go wow. You can keep these vases as it is or adorn it with fresh flowers matching with the interior.

Light in weight, you can keep moving these vases according got your need and convenience. These vases can also be well wrapped and presented a gift to close ones on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. So, when re you placing an order for these vases?


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