• Gorgeous Aluminum Marble Eiffel

Gorgeous Aluminum Marble Eiffel

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Bring home the memories of your Paris trip as you get this Eiffel tower model. Breathtakingly beautiful, this Eiffel tower will look amazing on the mantel or any side table. Made from good quality marble and aluminum it is durable and will stay in pristine condition for years together. The tower is rested on a flat marble base. This tower can be a part of your living room, entryway or guest room. If there is enough space on your office desk, you can position it there as well. Guests will be alarmed to see this stunning tower decor and will appreciate you for including it there. With this decor your table is sure to look different in every way.

Light in weight, you can keep moving it from one place to another according to your need and convenience. Dust it dry regularly to keep it away from dirt. If you are drowned in the beauty of this Eiffel tower, bring it home as soon as possible

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