• Gorgeous Metal Wall Mirror

Gorgeous Metal Wall Mirror

$62.32 $69.80




Use it for the dresser or simply as an accent to uplift the look of a center wall and it will do its duty flawlessly. This wall mirror has a round frame and mirror at the center. Ina chrome silver, it brings along a modern flair with it which you can choose to fix it on any wall of your choice. The ribbed pattern of the frame will help you beautify a door or a wall of your choice. If you wish to use it for your washroom you can fix it on the wall set against the washbasin. Neatly finished it will certainly appeal to guests and friends visiting. Mount it on any plain wall in the living room, bedroom or guest room.

Another smart option would be to mount it on the wall facing the main entrance. Visitors entering are sure to have a wide smile on their face looking at this striking art piece. If you are already charmed by the beauty of this mirror, bring it isoon.

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