• Granbury Black Bench

Granbury Black Bench

$206.61 $410.18 ( 50% off )


  • This bench measures 40 inch (Width) x18.75 inch (D) x36 inch (H)
  • Sturdy wooden legs
  • Convenient to sit

Sit in a comfortable manner by bringing this black bench home. This bench which is made of wood has an antique finish. The spindle front legs and arm rests which this bench has helps you sit on it conveniently. You no more need to search for a place sit comfortably in your house with this bench preset. Simply keep it anywhere inside your house. You can choose to keep this bench in your living room or bedroom. You can keep this bench under windows and sit comfortably reading your favorite books.

Apart from keeping this bench, indoors you can also choose to keep this bench outside in your garden. Neighbors and other passerby people too are sure to appreciate your for your selection of interiors. If you are planning to refurnish your house, you must get this bench home. It will indeed add a spark to your dull looking house.

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