• Grand and Accurate Cuckoo Rooster

Grand and Accurate Cuckoo Rooster

$52.75 $59.08



  • Dimension:12 (L) X 6 (W) X 14 (H) inch
  • Material Used:Ceramic
  • Brand:IMAX

  • Are you from the generation in which the morning announced itself with the call of the rooster? If not, do you want to infuse part of that magic into your home? Well, now you can see an inanimate rooster every morning with the help of this Cuckoo rooster. In this product the traditional rooster motif is updated with handcrafted, hand painted ceramic. Place it on a table in your living room or your bedroom and it will sit there in style, almost giving the impression of a real one.

    The great thing about this product is the fact that it has been artisan crafted; this gives each piece a uniqueness that makes it stand out. Plus this rooster has been made using the best of materials; this gives it a long life. Indeed, it will also make a great gifting item for someone from the younger generation. Surely you cannot ignore this rooster.

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