• HANSA Black Pony Life Sz 55

HANSA Black Pony Life Sz 55

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Truly soft sculpture works of art. Crafted by artists for a unique and close to nature look. Hand-painted and airbrushed for subtle coloring. Each contains an exceptionally strong, lightweight, structural steel frame. Capable of being "ridden" by children and adults up to 150 lbs.. Designed to not only be authentic but to be cuddly and lovable. Each animal comes with a Toys that Teach tag describing in detail the animals habitat, lifestyle, gestation period, care of their young and eating habits.. No assembly required. 57 in. L x 14 in. W x 55 in. H (29 lbs.). HANSA is known for their unique collection of handcrafted, highly realistic and cuddly plush toys. Hansa is known and respected for their close-to-nature reproductions representing many of the worlds most loved animals. Children of all ages will delight in the size and realism of these life-sized stuffed animals. All ages of animal enthusiasts will fall in love with Hansa Toys. Each plush animal is meticulously handcrafted from portraits of real animals in their natural habitat. An exceptional internal stitching method has been developed to create effects like muscle tone and facial expressions. Soulful eyes and expressive faces are lovingly detailed for a life-like look to give each realistic animal a unique personality. The subtle coloring on these animals is airbrushed by hand by specially trained Hansa artisans.


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