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  • HANSA Parakeet Budgie Blue/Yellow 6

HANSA Parakeet Budgie Blue/Yellow 6

$51.86 $73.41

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This adorable little parakeet is the perfect plush toy for all animal lovers. This cuddly birdy can be given as a gift for children and adults alike. If you can't keep a real pet bird, this is the next best thing! Parakeets are very social animals, so this plush bird can also keep other parakeet pets company. It's made made with high quality materials that you can expect from Hansa. Hansa animals appeal to collectors and animal lovers of all ages. These hand-crafted and highly realistic cuddly plush toys represent animals from all over the world. Hansa are known and respected for their close-to-nature reproductions of the worlds best loved animals.

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