• Iconic Pet - Scratch It! - Sisal Cat Scratching Post - Light Grey

Iconic Pet - Scratch It! - Sisal Cat Scratching Post - Light Grey

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It! offers safe and ideal scratching for kitty at an affordable price and yet durable and long lasting. When the cat scratching goes into top gear, Scratch it! Sisal Cat Scratching Post is an ideal product to let him scratch and play vigorously on one of these economical scratching posts.A good quality cat scratcher post helps you save your household furniture. Cats have a natural need to scratch, and if an alternative is not provided they tend to scratch upon the household surface. To keep your Kitty?s claws conditioned and to satisfy her scratching needs we have scratchers that meet your cat?s fondness and your budget.Cats prefer sisal fabric over any other materials for scratching. Your cat is going to love this scratcher for years to come. Maintaining a cat?s confidence is important that it would not fall or tumble over and cause injury. Scratch it!? Sisal Cat Scratching Post is sturdy and can?t be easily toppled because of its 16 Inch x 16 Inch wide base construction.Towering 27 Inch high, this tall scratching post gives your cat a complete stretch which comprises of 16 Inch x 16 Inch wood base, sisal-wrapped wood post, and square landing at the top.Each Sisal Cat Scratching Post is made to specifications and we always try to ensure the best promising post for your cat.It requires minimal assembly and most of our products suit any home decor. All dimensions are approx image and in inches.Colors may differ slightly.

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