• Imperial Stripe Jewel 13' Fabric Hammock by Alogma

Imperial Stripe Jewel 13' Fabric Hammock by Algoma

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  • Hammock bed size: 55 inch (W) x 82 inch (L)
  • Made of polyester fabric
  • Weight capacity 300 lbs.

This Imperial stripe Jewel hammock is indeed for the imperial. It is specially made for two persons: so you may either enjoy your loved one?s company, or tell stories to your beautiful child, as you sway gently with its motion. This hammock is made of polyester fabric which gives it great strength and a long life. It has poly roped clewed ends, making the hammock better at resisting strong jerks.

It is easy to clean, and its simple construction ensures there is almost no maintenance. Gaze at the stars, or figure out the constellations during nights; or day dream with worries relegated aside. Indeed this hammock with its comfort will make you joyous, and add a higher dimension to your contemplative personal time. With this hammock you will be regal. So do not delay. Bring it home today.

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