• Kalorik Red Induction Cooking Plate

Kalorik Red Induction Cooking Plate

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The Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate features a black crystal glass plate that delivers evenly-distributed heat when cooking with induction-compatible (magnetic) pots and pans of all shapes and sizes. It can be used with all cookware because it doesn't have a plastic frame--this also limits damage on oversized loads. This handy and portable appliance offers exceptional convenience in a dorm room, apartment, while traveling, or as an extra cooking aide in your home. It features an adjustable power setting for instant and precise adjustments and produces the exact amount of energy needed. Whether it's simmering a sauce on low or boiling water, this cooking plate saves time and energy, all while remaining cool to the touch and safe for your family, unlike traditional heating elements. Other thoughtful details include convenient touch and sensor panel controls, four (4) digit digital LED display, and a timer. With its stylish, curved design and eye catching appearance, this cooking plate fits perfectly on every countertop and requires little cleaning effort, thus avoiding burned residue and undesirable results.

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