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  • Laila Large Terrarium

Laila Large Terrarium

$59.50 $66.64

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Do you love decorating your home with real plants but dont like the idea of having pot all around the house. Take a look at this large terrarium, this will help you bring alive all those plans you had of decorating each room uniquely. Made from the finest quality iron and glass, this large terrarium will remain in pristine condition for years to come. This sleek vessel will make a contemporary statement where ever placed. Suspend it on a hook or perch it atop your desk at your work area or on the bookshelf it will not fail to impress our guest visiting you. decorate it with micro greens, small succulents or air plants for a splendid look. Regular dusting with a dry or damp cloth at frequent intervals will keep it away from dirt and dust. So, if you are keen on bringing home this large terrarium wait no longer, order it now.

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