• Manual Cast Iron Sausage Stuffer - 3 lb Capacity

Manual Cast Iron 3lb Sausage Stuffer

$58.80 $83.23




Deluxe, heavy-duty Sausage stuffer good enough for professional use Weston food prep machine disassembles for easy, total cleanup manual operation gives you total control over food preparation stuff anything from snack sticks to summer Sausage mounts easily to any counter or tabletop heavy-duty, food-safe, tin-coated carbon steel ergonomic handle for greater leverage and easy stuffing rubber gasket prevents Sausage from leaking around plunger and front ring nut approx. 3-Pound meat Capacity three stuffing funnels: 0.375 inches (10mm); 0.75 inches (20mm); 1.25 inch (30mm)

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