• Mesmerizing Set of 2 Antiqued Sailing Vessels by IMAX

Mesmerizing Set of 2 Antiqued Sailing Vessels by IMAX

$66.44 $74.42



  • Dimensions: 20.86"-16.53"h x 3.15"-3.15"w x 24.8"-24.8"
  • Color: Black, brown, off white

Want antiqued sailing vessels that are decor items? Want these vessels to be expertly and exquisitely handcrafted? Well, now you can find the perfect combination of decor item with lifelike looks in this set of 2 antiqued sailing vessels. These are inspiring ser of two sailboats that are both distinctively designed. Also they have been handcrafted; this quality is indeed its USP. Because they are handcrafted each piece is unique in its own way. Indeed, you can keep it in your living room, and it will be the first thing people notice when they view your room.

These antiqued sailing vessels will indeed be conversation starters. With them in one?s view the old sailing vessels are sure to be discussed. Plus they have been made using quality materials; this ensures that they will last for years to come. Indeed, they are mesmerizing creations whose loveliness is unmatched.

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