• Metal 6 Lite Pendant 25"W, 48"H

Metal 6 Lite Pendant 25"W, 48"H

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This pendant lighting will be a smart inclusion in the kitchen, dining area, hallway or stairway. Ell built from good quality materials; it will stay in prim condition for ages. This pendant lighting is washed in chrome silver and has a long chain atop to hang it to a ceiling hook. The shade has a metallic frame with mesh pattern. The lighting comes with a socket, 3 bulbs which are 60 watts and a cord measuring 33 inches. If you have never before owned a pendant light for your home, you must certainly get this one. You can experience a sea change in the ambiance once you light this lighting.

Get it home or you can recommend it to your friends as well who wouldLoveowning it. This light is easy to clean too. All that you need to do is just wipe it off with a dry cloth regularly to keep up its new like look.

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