• Metal Acrlyc Sculpture 16"W, 17"H

Metal Acrlyc Sculpture 16"W, 17"H

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Take a look at this sculpture with a modern twist on an acrylic base. This classic sculpture makes a truly one of a kind tabletop accents. It is silver in color with a translucent base featuring a shiny finish that makes it eye-catching. This decor will take the overall beauty of the existing decor a notch higher. This metal acrylic sculpture will enhance the beauty of the place its kept in, on your coffee table in the garden or lawn area or on the dining table.. Guests and visitors would get mesmerized at the uniqueness of this sculpture.

Regular dusting with a dry or damp cloth at frequent intervals is sufficient to keep It is hine intact. Near and dear ones wouldLoveto include this decor to their homes too. You can also choose to gift this sculpture decor on special events. So if you like it; get It is oon.

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