• Metal Concrete Sculpture 9"W, 17"H

Metal Concrete Sculpture 9"W, 17"H

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If you are artistic person, then this sculpture will blow your mind away. You can?t help but to stare at this sculpture. Such is the unique design it has. Made from top quality metal, this sculpture has a star like structure. Crafted from nails like rod, this sculpture will catch anyone?s eye. The concrete block at the bottom provides support to the sculpture. Light in weight, you can easily move this sculpture according to your needs. The matte finish will keep this awesome sculpture away from corrosion for years.

You can put it on your office desk or put it in the showcase; it will not fail to grab attention of your visitors. If you have friends who are artLoves like you, then it will turn out to be the perfect gift for them. You don?t come across such unique art work every day, so don?t waste your time and add this sculpture to your collection.

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