• Benzara Metal Crusader Helmet with Gladiator Style and Articulate Design

Metal Crusader Helmet with Gladiator Style

$39.15 $43.85



  • Metallic textures
  • Articulate design
  • Mixture of golden and silver textures
  • Texture and embodying patterns
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 13" H
The gladiator style home Decor is the apt addition to the surroundings if you are into classic royal Decor when it comes to decorating your home. The metal crusader helmet blends well with the ancient historical era theme and complements your sense of style to the tee. The mixture of golden and silver textures impersonates the actual crusader helmets from ancient medieval periods. The uniqueness of this Decor is that it exemplifies force and authority which adds to its list of benefits. The blackened eye holes add a touch of mystery and bullet pins keep the authenticity of the look intact. A real prized collective in terms of design, texture and embodying patterns, as it is not a common choice for most individuals. It comes with a dimension of 13" H.
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