• Metal Glass Gold Tray 23"W, 5"H

Metal Glass Gold Tray 23"W, 5"H

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Show off your serving style by the inclusion of this customary styled metal glass tray. The transparent glass tray is oval in shape with elevated edges and rest on a metal stand. The stand is artistically crafted with four swirl pattern legs. The metal stand is golden in color with a shiny finish to it. This tray can be a part of traditional as well as modern styled home interiors. Not only for serving, this tray can be used as a decorative also.

You can decorate it with colorful seasonal flowers and place it on your dinner table, when you have invited guests over for dinner. This tray will certainly add elegance to your serving style. Not just for your home, this tray can also be recommended to your friends or relatives. So get it home right away!

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