• Metal Glass Silver Tray 25"W, 5"H

Metal Glass Silver Tray 25"W, 5"H

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Do not miss on this stunning metal glass silver tray. This tray is elegantly and artistically designed to suit range of home interior. This is a glass tray with metal stand. In silver color this tray gets along with every interior setting. This glass tray on metal stand can be used for serving and decoration purpose. This tray will look beautiful as center piece on dinner table. This glass, metal tray can be part of drawing room, bedroom or kitchen interior. You can serve in this tray or it can be used for table decoration. Adorn it with floating flowers and lend the table presentable look.

You must have never before seen such a tray because a tray like this one is rare to find. This tray can also be presented as a gift to your close friends. This tray will certainly add style to your hospitality. If you have liked it then go order it now!

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