• Metal Globe Décor  23"W, 36"H

Metal Globe Décor 23"W, 36"H

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People like decorating house with antique things. If you too wish the same and are looking for something new and meaningful decor for your house then have a glance at this decor. This is a golden globe perfect for home that appreciates art. This is armillary globe made from quality material and further adorned to offer that realistic look. This globe is positioned on a steel base which has wooden finish. This globe will have great meaning when used to decorate your home interiors. This amazing globe can be part of your home as well as office decor.

This globe will be great addition at home that is decorated to keep theme alive. This metal globe will offer you home an educational touch and also showcase your interest. This globe can be placed on any table top, desk top, side table or on shelves. This globe is easy to clean and maintain and It is worth adding to any interior.

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