• Metal Gold Wall Clock 15"D

Metal Gold Wall Clock 15"D

$28.17 $31.56




Just like the sun this lookalike wall clock of it too will brighten up your abode in no time. Made from good quality metal, it is sturdy and will remain in prim condition for years together. Round in shape, with metallic stokes all around with a white diamond at each end this is certainly a stunning ornament for your home wall. The clock features a round dial with numerals in black. A perfect blend of modernity and durability this clock will look stunning on the wall in the entryway, living room or at your workplace.

Light in weight, you can keep shifting its position according to your need. Also, wipe it with a soft damp cloth at frequent intervals to keep up its shine. From getting it for your house, you can present it as a gift to close ones who are looking for one. So, when do you plan to bring home this visually appealing wall clock?


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