Metal, Large Chic Antiqued Vase, White & Gold



  • Features: Antiqued style pattern with speckles.
  • Use it to hold dried grasses or a floral arrangement or simply as a stand-alone statement piece.
  • Can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

  • Description:
    The Large Chic Antiqued Vase is created in a unique sharply angled shape that gives this vase, a must-have look. Made of durable iron, this chic vase features a finish of white with golden speckles for a glamorous infusion into your updated home. It can fit in to your home surroundings and creates a simplistic look with its pattern which adds more allure. It is a perfect gifting option alongside being a distinctive piece for your shelves or table top in any corner of your home. Available in different shades and sizes to choose from. Dimensions: 14.25"h x 7"d