• Metal Marble Sculpture 8"W, 14"H

Metal Marble Sculpture 8"W, 14"H

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If youLovemathematics and particularly geometry, then this sculpture is definitely for you. This unique sculpture has a square within a square pattern on the top of small thin rod. The sculpture is made from high quality metal. Circular marble block at the bottom provides support for this sculpture making It is tand still even on uneven surface. It has a high quality matte finish that keeps this sculpture away from corrosion. Since it is light weight, it is very easy to move, you can thus keep shifting it from one place to another according to your need and convenience.

Place it wherever you want either in your office or on the coffee table it will not fail to add more charm to surroundings. All the people who have an artistic point of view will understand this piece of art. This one surely deserves a front row in your art collection.

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