• Metal Mirror Tray 33"W, 4"H

Metal Mirror Tray 33"W, 4"H

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This mirror tray is something which you would not only use for serving but for also decorating tabletops and countertops. Made from good quality materials, this tray will stay in prim condion for many years. This tray is round and has a metal frame. The center features a round mirror. TheLovey detailing done its border offers it a vintage look. It is in grey color with a matte finish. The curved side handles, facilities in carrying it with ease. Keep it on the dining table and arrange cookies and chocolates on it. For decoration purpose, you can adorn it with flower petals and colorful stones. It is one such tray which will be admired by close ones paying you a visit.

Light in weight, you can easily carry it. You can even gift this gorgeous tray to your friends who wouldLoveowning it. This tray will certainly be a standout piece in your culinary shelf; do bring it now at once.

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