• Metal Wall Decor 2 Assorted

Metal Wall Decor 2 Assorted

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Create your own wall aquarium by getting hold of this set of two assorted wall decors. Well built from good quality metal, these decors are sturdy and durable. Tall and rectangular frame, which is polished in silver, the interior of each frame features an underwater life with fishes and seaweeds. The colors are bright and will definitely make the wall look lively all the time. These wall decors are just the ideal one for homes with a nautical theme.

Make it a part of your living room, entryway or dining area; you can also place both the decors on a single wall or different ones. These wall decors are easy to fix and also very light in weight. Gifting these decors to nautical lovers will be a great idea too. So, what are you thinking to do, get it home as soon as possible!

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