• Metal Wood Boat 10"W, 13"H

Metal Wood Boat 10"W, 13"H

$31.00 $34.72




It is time to give a new look tabletops with this wood boat decor. Well built from premium quality materials, it will stay in shipshape condition for years. This decor features a natural wooden boat base with a, metallic sail in bronze. The sail is precisely made from wired metal which gives it a new look. If you already have a collection of nautical decors, you add this one to your collection. Also, if you have relatives who have been a part of navy you can gift them this boat decor. They will be delighted to receive it and will thank you for the same. At home you can make it a part of your living room, bedroom, lobby area or study, in either of the places this decor will be a remarkable addition.

If your friends are looking for something similar then you can guide them for this decor. It will certainly prove to be an attention catcher the moment you bring it home. So, get it today!

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