• Modern Stainless Steel Gear Wall Clock

Modern Stainless Steel Gear Wall Clock

$44.88 $50.27




Check out this super stylish wall clock. Perfect for modern day home, this wall clock is worth it. Appearing trendy this wall clock is worth gifting too. Featuring round shape dial the body of this wall clock is stainless steel made. The silver body and white dial inside make this clock look chic. Attractive thing about this wall clock is the gear at the bottom of the dial. This wall clock has black color minutes and hour needles at the center. This wall clock is ultra modern hence can be part of home and office interior. As its white and silver color it will get along with range of home interior. As it is made from quality material it will last for years to come.

This wall clock is easy to clean and maintain. Make this stunning wall clock part of your house and enhance the style quotation of it. Liked it then get it home!

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