• Modesto Sofa Table

Modesto Sofa Table

$140.50 $278.93 ( 50% off )


  • This rich table measures 42 inch (W) ? 16 inch (D) ? 28 inch (H)
  • It has Radiating Brown Color Appearance
  • Ideal to Place in the Living Area

The sofa table is an interesting piece of table that one can in their home. It has large rectangular table top that is supported on a metallic frame. This set up is supported by four metallic legs on each side that is slightly arched inwards that gives a unique look to the sofa table. The metallic parts of this table are durable. It has smooth and shiny surface that makes easy to clean and maintain the table.

The sofa table can be placed beautifully in the living room. The sofa table can be placed beneath the wall of the living room where the LCD is set up. The music system or the set up along with the remote controls can be placed safely on it. It can also be used centrally in the living room. It can be used to display the decorative items and flower vase with nice smelling flowers in it.

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