• Natural Aubree Blue Panels - Ast 3

Natural Aubree Blue Panels - Ast 3

$138.04 $154.61



Adorning walls with panels is another way of beautifying your living space. This assorted set of three Aubree Blue Panels is perfect for any home interior. There are three different panels of same height and width. These panels are crafted from quality wood which is than painted. The beautiful landscape painting on these panels looks gorgeous and attractive. Artistic work carried out on this panel is worth complimenting. These panels have nature painted of them hence it is easy to incorporate it in any style home interior. These are tall panels that can be mounted on any wall of your house. These panels will cover the entire wall with its beauty. This assorted panels can be decorated together or separate it according to your wish. These panels are artistic and would be chic addition in your living space.


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