• Port (Red) Ship Lantern Brings Completeness To Existing Nautical Decor Brand IOTC

NAU-BR1527 Port Red Ship Lantern

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BR1527 Port (red) Ship Lantern with Oil Lamp is a decent nautical decor that takes you century back in marine history when oil lamps were used for different purposes. It is an excellent choice to light up the prominent spaces like in lobby, terrace, patio, garden or verandah etc. A beautifully shaped handle facilitates to handle it safely. The Red Fresnel lens glass reflector ensures deep reach of light even in bad weather. Oil placing, wick adjustment and cleaning are quite easy through a wide slit. It brings completeness to existing nautical ship collection of maritime collectors. Because of ever increasing fashion of beach decor, round Port (red) Ship Lantern with Oil Lamp may be a nice selection for festive gift. Ship's Lamps *Size: 11 (Inches) *Material: Brass sheet *Color: Antique brass finish * Nautical light decor with Port engraving; Can be converted to electric lamp; Can be half opened; Long handle for comfortable handling

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