• Oblong Bird Bowls - Set of 2

Oblong Bird Bowls - Set of 2

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Check out this bird bowls, which is functional and decorative as the same time. This set of bowls prove to be a great table accent. These bowls are boat shaped and have cute bird figurines at the opposite sides. These bird figurines act as a handle for lifting this bowls. These bowls are shallow hence can hold liquid too. These bowls are artistic and are crafted from aluminium. These bowls are durable and long lasting. Add them to table tops like dinner table, mantel, center table or console table. These bowls are of different shape but look identical. You can serve chocolates, sweets and dry fruits in these bowls. If not for serving these bowls can be simply decorated on table top. You can even consider gifting these to near and dear ones on special occasion.

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