• Outstanding Aluminum Marble Sculpture

Outstanding Aluminum Marble Sculpture

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A little whimsical, a little classy, this abstract sculpture is made to highlight tabletops and unused corners. Made from aluminum and marble, it is durable and will last for years. This sculpture is in chrome silver and the white marble offers it good support. The way it is finely shaped itself speaks about the efforts put by the artist in its making. Keep it on the table in the study or outside on the floor in the patio and it will certainly grab everyone?s attention in no time. Very soon it will become the talk of the town. It can be a part of your home as well as office interior.

Adorn them on table top of your living room, bedroom or kitchen interior. This stylish and unique carved sculpture will lend your house modern artistic touch which even you will adore. So, bring it home to define home decor in a new way.

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