• Panama Framed Oil Painting

Panama Framed Oil Painting

$228.08 $255.45



It is time to splash some bright colors on the center wall in the sitting area as you mount this oil painting featuring a bird in the brightest hues. Rectangular in shape, it has a black frame. On a multicolor canvas is this bird at the center with its pretty appeal. The painting of a popular bird found in Panama is sure to steal the heart of bird lovers. Make it a part of your office lobby areas, bistro or patio space for some visual interest. The bird is so well drawn amidst bright oil pastels colors that it becomes a treat to the eyes.Guests and others paying you a visit are without a doubt will exclaim wow looking at this painting. Also very easy to clean and maintain, if you had always wished to bring home a unique painting this is the one. So, do not delay and bring it today!

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