• Playful Reindeer- Red (antlers KD)-Sitting

Playful Reindeer- Red (antlers KD)-Sitting

$217.00 $243.04


A Playful Reindeer figurine in ravishing red hue, to give your ambiance vibrancy and movement, Crafted beautifully this reindeer figurine has resting seating posture, which will give stability to your interior style. It has fascinating antlers which give this figurine liveliness.This is modern piece of home decor for contemporary themed home decor. Crafted with good quality material this Reindeer figurine will remain in prim condition for years.Place it in your living room, bedroom, or guest room or place it in garden it will look stunning any place you keep it.Gift it to your near or dear ones, it is gorgeous gifting option for any occasion whether it is anniversary, birthday or housewarming ceremony. Easy to maintain just clean it with a soft dry cloth at regular intervals and it will shine as good as new everytime.


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