• Polystone BROWN FROG PLANTER 16"W, 16"H

Polystone Brown Frog Planter 16"W, 16"H

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Display your favorite plants in a quirky style in this frog planter. Made of Polystone, this planter is unique from the rest and has a brown finfish with stone finish. You can keep this planter indoor and outdoor. Place plants in it and you can hold it in the verandah, balcony or garden area. The frog is designed in such a way that it looks realistic and will give the area a funky hint. The frog is carrying basket in which you can plant sapling. Portable and durable, you can easily keep shifting its location according to your need and convenience. This planter will look beautiful on kitchen counter, dinner table to study table.

Children and adults will admire this planter and also with this planter you will not forget to water your plants daily. Indeed a unique type of planter, you can also advise it to your near and dear ones who are looking for one.

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