• Polystone FROG 17"W, 27'H

Polystone Frog 17"W, 27'H

$59.44 $66.58




To make your indoor-outdoor space a little entertaining you need a decor which is unique and engaging. This frog sculpture is a great combination of both. Made from good quality materials, this sculpture will be in prim condition for many years. This sculpture features a frog sitting with its hands raised and eyes closed. The frog is tall and will be noticed by all visiting, the artists has shaped the frog well and made it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. Inside you can keep it on the floor or display it on a corner table in the hallway stairway or living room.

If your friends is looking for some exceptional decor, suggest him or her, this one, this is something unique and will certainly interest them .From getting it for your house, you can recommend it to your friends and relatives. They will like ti and will thank you for your recommendation. So, when are you ordering it?


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