• Polystone HEN ROOSTER S/2 10'', 11"H

Polystone HEN ROOSTER S/2 10'', 11"H

$39.22 $43.93




These cute looking Roosters swill make your daily mornings undoubtedly an entertaining one. Made from quality resin, these roosters will stay in prim condition for long. These roosters are in the color combination of white and red. In a matte finish, both the roosters have a smooth texture. The Rooster look alike but differ in size, you can decide to keep it either inside or outside. Another option would be to keep both either together or separate. These roosters are sure to uplift any space in no time. Kids are sure toLovethese roosters and will want it in their room.

Light in weight, maintaining these roosters are an easy task. All that you need to do is dust it with a cloth on frequent intervals. Surprise your RoosterLove friends by gifting them this set. They will certainly adore it. Either getting it for yourself or for gifting purpose; in either ways you cannot go wrong with this set!

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